Commercial Insurance in Delaware

Whether you have an online or brick-and-mortar business, you must invest in commercial insurance if you want to see your business stand the test of time. Business insurance protects your business when the unthinkable strikes.

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Required business insurance in Delaware

Most businesses in Delaware must invest in worker’s comp insurance. This coverage protects your employees when they sustain work-related injuries or illnesses. For instance, if you suffer a back injury because your work involves operating heavy machinery, worker’s comp insurance can come to your rescue by covering the medical expenses to treat your injury.

Depending on your worker’s comp insurance package, it can cover final expenses and partial loss of wages for your employees.

Optional commercial insurance policies

Complying with the state-required commercial insurance is excellent, but you need to consider other coverage options for optimal protection. Please consider the following coverage options for your business:

  • General business liability: This insurance plan isn’t mandatory, but it’s a must-have for all businesses. Liability coverage covers your business when other people accuse you of property damage or bodily or advertising injury.
  • Property insurance: This coverage protects your business premises, including other business properties such as computers, furniture, and inventories.
  • Professional liability coverage: If you offer professional advice, invest in this coverage because it protects you when accused of negligence, missed deadlines, or incomplete work.
  • Cyber liability coverage: It safeguards your business financially when you are hit with a cyberattack, causing data breaches and other losses.
  • Umbrella insurance: If you need extra liability insurance to protect you against expensive liability claims, you had better invest in umbrella insurance for optimal protection.

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