Umbrella Insurance in Delaware

If you have home and auto insurance policies, you may not know how they protect you. One way is providing you with liability coverage through both of these policies. However, people often don't have enough coverage in these policies. It's common to have little in the way of liability coverage, which can leave you financially vulnerable. Umbrella insurance can change that. If you're in Delaware and you're interested in an umbrella policy, call us at Blue Hen Insurance in Middletown, DE to get started.

Paying for Medical Bills

Having umbrella insurance boosts the liability insurance that you get with your auto and home insurance policies. If an accident involves someone else, and it happens on your property or because of an auto accident that you caused, you are likely to be held liable for the expenses that follow. This can include the injured person's medical bills, the wages they lost during recovery, and specific other fees they've had. All of this can add up to quite a bit that you owe. When you have home and auto insurance, that offers some protection against these expenses. However, these policies commonly come with little liability coverage. After the policy has reached its maximum, you will owe everything above that amount.

Umbrella Coverage for the Overage

That overage amount can be paid off with an umbrella insurance policy. The maximum payout of an umbrella policy is extremely high, allowing it to pay for most overages even when they are steep. It's important to have this coverage to save yourself from paying those overages out of pocket.

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you already have home and auto policies, getting an umbrella policy may be right. Call us at Blue Hen Insurance in Middletown, DE to keep yourself covered in Delaware.

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