How Condo Insurance Works

Condo insurance works similarly to home insurance. However, with home insurance, it covers the entire dwelling. This includes everything from the roof to the outer walls to the foundation.

When you have a condo, however, you don’t own all of these spaces. There are very specific areas that you own. The condo association generally owns the rest. They’re responsible for insuring those areas as well. What you need to cover in your insurance policy will be made plain in the policy. It will specify exactly which areas are covered. When you need condo insurance, call us at Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE.

Owned Areas

The condo policy will be specific about which areas you own and which are owned by the condo board. The board generally owns the outer walls. This may or may not include the inside of those walls. This information is taken from your contract so that every part that you own will be covered. The policy will pay for damage that is caused by many different events. Those events will be listed in the policy. 

Covering Your Possessions

Other than the areas of the condo that you own, the policy also covers your possessions inside it. This is an essential way to cover your possessions. When something like a calamity or disaster strikes, it can harm your belongings. That’s one reason that it’s so important to have this coverage. Instead of being left with nothing, the policy can help you replace it all. This coverage protects you financially in case of a serious, damaging event. 

Get Your Condo Policy

To talk to an agent about this type of insurance policy, call us at Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE. We can tell you more about it and get you started.