Home Insurance for Cyberattacks

A question we get more and more frequently at Blue Hen Insurance LLC, which serves customers in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Texas from our offices in Middletown, DE, is "Does my homeowner’s policy cover cyberattacks?"

The answer to this question is "Mostly no." But Blue Hen Insurance can help you get the coverage you need. Your homeowner’s policy can help with some of the expenses that arise from a cyberattack on your phone or computer.

For instance, your homeowner’s policy may reimburse you for credit card fraud resulting from a hack of your smart devices.

But to get coverage for data recovery costs, home business interruption, and legal liability for a virus or worm transmitted from your computer, you will need personal cyber insurance. Personal cyber insurance is an add-on to your homeowner’s policy.

Your personal cyber coverage pays for removing computer viruses and reprogramming laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi connections, and other home connections.

Your cyberbullying protection covers your losses from online harassment that results in wrongful termination, temporary tutoring for your kids, lost wages, and legal expenses.

Online fraud protection offers amplified protection from losses due to cyber intrusions into your credit cards and bank account.

Data breach protection covers your losses due to the theft of information belonging to others during a cyberattack on your computer. For instance, if your child was selling band candy and someone hacked their phone and stole customer credit card numbers, your personal cyber insurance would help.

Your personal cyber protection also helps you when you undergo a ransomware attack. Your insurance helps you hire experts to retrieve your files, and you may pay the ransom to regain control of your computer.

Blue Hen Insurance LLC, operating from Middletown, DE, offers personal cyber insurance in eight states. Call us today to get the protection you need!

Is Your Home Summer Ready?

Experiencing Summer with Peace of Mind in Delaware

Cherishing the summer warmth in Middletown, Delaware, is an unparalleled experience. From the laughter-filled picnics to stimulating yard games and playful chasing with the kids on the sprawled-out lawns – summer is a treasure that Middletown, DE, families hold dear. This is one reason why the dependable services of Blue Hen Insurance LLC are sought by homeowners who understand the importance of safeguarding their precious memories.

Preparing Your Home for Summer

Getting your home ready for summer is equally crucial. This involves not just preparing a pre-summer checklist but also adhering to it. It’s advisable to test-run your air conditioning system before the summer heat wave hits. As the summer season is notorious for its storms and occasional flooding, inspecting your home for potential leaks, particularly in the basement, and checking your home’s siding and roof is ideal.

Addressing these details beforehand and taking preventive measures will save you time and money and offer you peace of mind. Are you planning a vacation this summer? This would be another reason to have your home’s alarm system checked and updated. Most importantly, is your home insurance policy still up-to-date? Prioritize setting your house in order before the summer festivities commence, ensuring an uninterrupted season of joy.

Reliable Home Insurance Solutions

Blue Hen Insurance LLC is here to provide assistance with your home insurance needs in Middletown, DE. Covering what is most important to homeowners is what we do best. Should you be in the market for home insurance or need more information regarding it, we are here for you. Our experienced team of friendly agents is ready to aid you with your home insurance inquiries. Contact us today for your peace of mind home insurance coverage.

How Much Homeowners Insurance Should Homeowners Get for Their House?

Determining the right amount of homeowners insurance is a critical decision for homeowners in Middletown, DE. Make sure your home insurance adequately protects your home against damage and total loss.

Covering the Home’s Value

You first must know your home’s value. An appraisal or professionally done comps can show you its market value, and you might also want to estimate the cost of rebuilding it. Often, rebuilding is more than what a house would sell for.

The cost to rebuild is known as “replacement cost.” You can then get replacement cost coverage. This will generally insure your house for the cost of rebuilding it.

Regular Updates and Assessments

Keeping your insurance coverage up-to-date is crucial in ensuring it matches your home’s current replacement cost. This amount could be increased if construction expenses go up, or if you make any major renovations to your home.

If you need help assessing coverage after making a renovation or upgrade, we at Blue Hen Insurance LLC can help you determine your new coverage needs.

Potentially Important Additional Coverages

Depending on your home and its location in Middletown, DE, there are two other coverages to consider:

  • Rebuild to Code Coverage: Should your house need to be rebuilt, this may pay for any additional costs required to meet current codes.
  • Flood Insurance: If your home is in a flood zone, flood insurance can provide protection that homeowners typically don’t.

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At Blue Hen Insurance LLC, we’re committed to helping homeowners in Middletown, DE, navigate the complexities of homeowners insurance. Contact us to ensure your policy reflects the true value of your home and provides the protection you need.

5 Ways to Accident-Proof Your Home

Home accidents are a common occurrence across the country. By taking some necessary precautions, many of these accidents can be prevented. These tips from Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE can help you create a safer home environment to minimize the risk of accidents. 

5 Ways to Accident-Proof Your Home


Get rid of clutter that’s blocking your entryway, halls, or stairs so people can travel these areas safely without tripping and falling. The old adage “a place for everything and everything in its place” can help prevent accidents and create a neater, safer environment in which to live.


Install handrails for your stairs to make them safer to travel. If your stairs are carpeted, make sure there are no loose edges sticking out that can cause people to trip and fall.

Area Rugs

In like manner, make sure all rugs have slip-resistant backings or pads to keep them securely in place when walked on. You don’t want a rug sliding out from under you and causing a serious fall. A slip and fall due to a sliding rug can easily lead to a back injury, broken bone, or concussion.

Household Products/Prescription Drugs

Store household cleaning products and prescription medicines in a secure location out of reach of your children to avoid accidental poisoning. At the same time, teach your kids to respect “non-play areas” such as your tool shed or bathrooms to avoid the risk of accidents.   

Check Smoke Alarms Regularly

Check the batteries on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to ensure they’re functioning as they should. These devices are your first line of defense against injury from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lastly, keep your home insurance current for protection against accidents that may occur on your property. To update your home insurance coverage, contact Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE.

Home Insurance is an Important Way to Protect What Matters

Protecting your home is vital. It’s a big investment and holds so many memories. Plus you want to have a safe and secure place for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re just getting started with buying your first home or you’ve owned a house before and are looking to relocate, Blue Hen Insurance LLC can help. We serve the Middletown, DE area and are here to answer your questions about insuring and protecting your home.

Getting The Right Coverage For Your Home

Don’t settle for a subpar insurance policy because it might not cover everything that matters. Instead, working with a trusted, professional insurance agent can give you a quality policy and peace of mind. You don’t have to choose a policy with guesswork or base it on anything but knowledge and sound information. The more you know about your options, the easier it is to choose the right one.

When you need a home insurance policy, there are a few specific things you want to consider. Your lender may have certain requirements your policy has to meet, but beyond that, there are additional coverage opportunities to think about. Some homeowners want to have more protection than the minimum required. If you plan to do that, though, an agent can help you choose what works for your needs.

We Are Here To Help

If you’re in the Middletown, DE area and looking for home insurance, reach out to Blue Hen Insurance LLC today. We can help you choose a policy that’s right for you and that gives you all the protection you need without adding a lot of extra coverage that might not be necessary or helpful to you. Then you’ll know your home is protected the right way, and you’ll also have peace of mind you can feel good about for the long term, too.

Frequently asked questions about home insurance

If you are a homeowner, you might need home insurance depending on state requirements and what your lender requires. The topic of insurance can be confusing. Blue Hen Insurance LLC is happy to assist Middletown, DE area homeowners. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about home insurance.

Frequently asked questions about home insurance

What is the 80/20 rule of home insurance?

As a rule, most insurance companies require you to have at least 80% of the total replacement cost of your home insured.

What is not covered by home insurance?

Although home insurance covers many things, there are some things it does not cover. These include termite damage, animal damage, earthquake damage, water damage, and normal wear and tear.

What factors determine the cost of home insurance?

Home insurance can be expensive depending on a lot of factors. Where you live can determine whether your insurance premium will be cheaper or more costly. If you live somewhere with higher risks, such as flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., you will most likely have a higher premium because of the added risks of damage.

The replacement cost of your home is another factor that plays into the cost of your insurance premium. These costs include the materials, number of rooms, and local rebuilding costs.

What two things can you do to reduce the cost of home insurance?

Depending on the age of your house and the insurance company, home improvements can reduce the cost of your premium. If you own an older house, newer wiring, and a new roof can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance.

Another thing you can do to reduce the cost is to bundle your car and home insurance together. Bundling can get you a significant discount on both your vehicle and your home.

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Preparing your Home for the Winter Months

Warm fireplaces, family, friends, hot cocoa, sleigh rides. These are some things that people think of and look forward to in the winter months. While there are certainly a lot of good things to look forward to in winter, there are a lot of precautions that you need to take to get your house ready for winter. Our team of insurance experts at Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE is happy to provide you with a guide.

Get things inspected and prepared for winter

There are a few things that you should have a professional inspect and help you with getting prepared for winter. If you have a wood stove or a fireplace, you should have a professional chimney sweep clean your chimney and make sure that everything works properly. Next, make sure that you have enough wood for the winter. If wood is not your primary source of heating, call a professional to check your home heating system to make sure it is running well.

Another thing that should be inspected is your roof. Hire a professional to make sure that there are no cracks where critters, water, and cold air could come into your home.

The following things still need to be inspected, but you do not need a professional to inspect them:

  • Inspect and seal doors and windows
  • Check trees and cut back branches that are close to the house
  • Seal masonry and hard surfaces
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Make sure things are properly insulated
  • Make sure everything is ready for snow removal

Other winter preparations

Once everything has been inspected, other preparations should be made before winter hits.

  • Clean gutters
  • Reverse ceiling fans
  • Prepare lawn equipment by draining fuel from small gas-powered engines
  • Cover patio furniture
  • Check your insurance coverage

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What types of coverage does home insurance provide?

Home insurance is the protection that all homeowners need to provide peace of mind. So many things can happen that may endanger both your home and your assets. Home insurance is not just one line of insurance but several. At Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE, we are independent insurance agents working for our customers and not for the insurance companies. We will ensure you get the right insurance for your requirements at the best possible price. 

Property coverage

Home insurance protects the physical structure of your house, the roof, walls, major systems, porches, garages, and decks. It also covers detached structures such as a shed, a pool, or a garage under other structure coverage. Not everything that can damage the structure is covered, so be sure to read your home policy for exclusions. 

Liability coverage

Many things can go wrong at your home, and if someone is injured while there or away from home by a family member, you could find yourself with medical bills and the potential of a judgment against you. Legal fees are also covered. 

Contents coverage

You own a lot of stuff, probably a lot more than you realize. Your home insurance covers these personal possessions from many hazards, including theft, even when you have your stuff away from home. 

Loss of use coverage

When a covered hazard damages your home, you will need a place to stay. Insurance allows you to get a hotel to sleep in and helps pay for food when you have no place to cook. It can pay rent if you are out of your home for an extended time. 

Contact Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE when you are ready to review your current home insurance or get new home insurance.