How Condo Insurance Works

Condo insurance works similarly to home insurance. However, with home insurance, it covers the entire dwelling. This includes everything from the roof to the outer walls to the foundation.

When you have a condo, however, you don’t own all of these spaces. There are very specific areas that you own. The condo association generally owns the rest. They’re responsible for insuring those areas as well. What you need to cover in your insurance policy will be made plain in the policy. It will specify exactly which areas are covered. When you need condo insurance, call us at Blue Hen Insurance LLC in Middletown, DE.

Owned Areas

The condo policy will be specific about which areas you own and which are owned by the condo board. The board generally owns the outer walls. This may or may not include the inside of those walls. This information is taken from your contract so that every part that you own will be covered. The policy will pay for damage that is caused by many different events. Those events will be listed in the policy. 

Covering Your Possessions

Other than the areas of the condo that you own, the policy also covers your possessions inside it. This is an essential way to cover your possessions. When something like a calamity or disaster strikes, it can harm your belongings. That’s one reason that it’s so important to have this coverage. Instead of being left with nothing, the policy can help you replace it all. This coverage protects you financially in case of a serious, damaging event. 

Get Your Condo Policy

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The differences between a unit policy and a master policy

A unit condominium policy and a master policy are two types of insurance policies that protect condominiums, but there are some distinct differences between them. At Blue Hen Insurance LLC, we want Middletown, DE area condo owners to make sure they have the coverage they need to protect themselves.

Unit Policy vs. Master Policy

A unit condo policy covers the interior of the unit, including any personal belongings and improvements that have been made by the owner. This type of policy will also cover any liability claims that arise out of the ownership or occupancy of the unit. On the other hand, a master policy covers common areas of a condominium complex such as hallways, stairwells, swimming pools, and clubhouses. It will also cover the exterior walls, windows, and roof of each individual unit in the complex. 

When it comes to purchasing insurance for a condominium, it’s important to understand both types of coverage so you can determine which one(s) best suits your needs. A unit condo policy offers more personalized coverage while a master policy provides protection for common areas. Depending on your situation, you may need one or both types of coverage in order to be adequately protected. 

No matter which type of coverage you choose, make sure that it will provide enough protection for both your personal property and liability in the event of damage or injury. Keep in mind that some condominium associations require you to purchase insurance, so check with them to determine what type and amount of coverage is necessary. It’s also important to understand any special coverage needs you may have, such as flood insurance or earthquake coverage. 

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What does a condo unit policy cover?

In condo complexes, a unit policy is separate from a master policy, which covers the entire condominium complex. The master policy provides liability coverage for all of the common spaces and amenities, such as the exterior of buildings, hallways, elevators, lobbies, exercise areas, swimming pools, and other features that all condo owners share. It typically doesn’t cover any damage to individual units of condominiums. This is where unit policies come in. Blue Hen Insurance LLC, serving the Middletown, DE area, is here to assist with all your queries. 

What does a condo unit policy cover?

Unit policies are specific to each individual owner and provide coverage for damages to the owner’s property inside their condo unit or apartment. These policies may include coverage for furniture, appliances, and any other personal belongings that the unit owner owns. They can also provide additional living expenses if you are forced out of your home due to a covered loss such as a fire or natural disaster.

In addition to covering damage to your property, most condo unit policies will also provide liability coverage if someone is injured in your home or if you cause damage to someone else’s property while you are living in the condo. This type of coverage is important because it helps protect you from financial losses related to lawsuits or medical bills for injuries caused by you or on your premises.

Unit policies should always be supplemented with a master policy since it covers items that no single unit owner could be responsible for – like structural damage caused by storms or fires that impact multiple units at once. Both types of insurance work together to ensure that all condo owners are adequately protected against potential disasters that can occur within their shared community space.

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What isn’t covered by condo insurance?

Condo insurance is designed to provide protection for condo owners, similar to homeowners insurance. However, like homeowners insurance, there are things that aren’t covered under condo insurance. Our team at Blue Hen Insurance LLC is committed to helping Middletown, DE condo owners understand condo insurance. 

Understanding Condo Insurance

What’s Typically Covered by Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is designed to provide liability protection as well as coverage for damage, stolen items, and your unit’s fixtures and appliances. It’s designed to cover what the homeowners association (HOA) will not cover. For example, condo insurance would cover the repair of the inside of your unit/condo, and provide liability protection if you’re sued for negligence.

What’s NOT Covered?

Although there are many things that condo insurance covers, there are specific things that wouldn’t be covered under a condo insurance policy. Condo insurance will not cover damage caused by earthquakes, floods, nuclear hazards, underground water, and damage from birds, rats, and insects. Normal wear and tear, intentional harm to others, and sewer backups. You’ll need to purchase separate endorsements or a separate policy for coverage for these items. 

Other Considerations

Typically, damage caused by earth movement and natural disasters isn’t covered by condo insurance. It’s best to purchase separate coverage if you live in an area prone to these types of incidents. Damage caused by earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, and other natural disasters isn’t covered by condo insurance.

Our team at Blue Hen Insurance LLC is dedicated to helping our Middletown, DE customers understand what’s covered by condo insurance and what’s not. Our team can also help customers purchase additional coverage if needed. If you have questions about condo insurance, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.