Home Insurance for Cyberattacks

A question we get more and more frequently at Blue Hen Insurance LLC, which serves customers in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Texas from our offices in Middletown, DE, is "Does my homeowner’s policy cover cyberattacks?"

The answer to this question is "Mostly no." But Blue Hen Insurance can help you get the coverage you need. Your homeowner’s policy can help with some of the expenses that arise from a cyberattack on your phone or computer.

For instance, your homeowner’s policy may reimburse you for credit card fraud resulting from a hack of your smart devices.

But to get coverage for data recovery costs, home business interruption, and legal liability for a virus or worm transmitted from your computer, you will need personal cyber insurance. Personal cyber insurance is an add-on to your homeowner’s policy.

Your personal cyber coverage pays for removing computer viruses and reprogramming laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi connections, and other home connections.

Your cyberbullying protection covers your losses from online harassment that results in wrongful termination, temporary tutoring for your kids, lost wages, and legal expenses.

Online fraud protection offers amplified protection from losses due to cyber intrusions into your credit cards and bank account.

Data breach protection covers your losses due to the theft of information belonging to others during a cyberattack on your computer. For instance, if your child was selling band candy and someone hacked their phone and stole customer credit card numbers, your personal cyber insurance would help.

Your personal cyber protection also helps you when you undergo a ransomware attack. Your insurance helps you hire experts to retrieve your files, and you may pay the ransom to regain control of your computer.

Blue Hen Insurance LLC, operating from Middletown, DE, offers personal cyber insurance in eight states. Call us today to get the protection you need!