Do I need condo insurance if someone falls and gets hurt in a public area of my condo?

It can be confusing when trying to figure out where your responsibilities begin and end when it comes to condominium living. Your HOA also has rules about how you can share public areas, and sometimes those are confusing. If you pay attention to the paperwork from your HOA, there is probably an explanation as to how much you are paying for insurance.

HOA Insurance

Your HOA carries liability insurance to protect itself in case someone is injured in one of the common areas. These areas include public hallways, pools, shared laundry rooms, and playgrounds.

HOA insurance also protects the physical common area. For example, if you live in a building with several condominiums, the HOA insurance covers the physical building in case of damage from a covered peril, such as a fire or storm.

Your Condo Insurance

Condo insurance isn’t required by law in Delaware, but your lender probably requires it until you own your condo outright. As part of your condo insurance, you have protection if someone is injured within the 4 walls of your Middletown, DE condo unit. If someone falls or is injured in another way, and it is determined that you are negligent, your liability insurance will protect you.

Blue Hen Insurance LLC Is Here To Help!

The only time there may be confusion is if there is an argument about where the accident occurred or if there is disagreement about whether negligence was involved. In those cases, there may be a dispute that is ultimately resolved by a court. If you want to make sure your Middletown, DE condo has the protection you are comfortable with, or if you just have questions about condo insurance, please feel free to call Blue Hen Insurance LLC today.