How Much Homeowners Insurance Should Homeowners Get for Their House?

Determining the right amount of homeowners insurance is a critical decision for homeowners in Middletown, DE. Make sure your home insurance adequately protects your home against damage and total loss.

Covering the Home’s Value

You first must know your home’s value. An appraisal or professionally done comps can show you its market value, and you might also want to estimate the cost of rebuilding it. Often, rebuilding is more than what a house would sell for.

The cost to rebuild is known as “replacement cost.” You can then get replacement cost coverage. This will generally insure your house for the cost of rebuilding it.

Regular Updates and Assessments

Keeping your insurance coverage up-to-date is crucial in ensuring it matches your home’s current replacement cost. This amount could be increased if construction expenses go up, or if you make any major renovations to your home.

If you need help assessing coverage after making a renovation or upgrade, we at Blue Hen Insurance LLC can help you determine your new coverage needs.

Potentially Important Additional Coverages

Depending on your home and its location in Middletown, DE, there are two other coverages to consider:

  • Rebuild to Code Coverage: Should your house need to be rebuilt, this may pay for any additional costs required to meet current codes.
  • Flood Insurance: If your home is in a flood zone, flood insurance can provide protection that homeowners typically don’t.

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